Bun v0.5.5

Ashcon Partovi · February 2, 2023

Bun v0.5.5 improves Node.js compatibility for node:http, adds support for http.request(), and fixes various bugs.

# Install using curl
curl -fsSL https://bun.sh/install | bash

# Install using npm
npm install -g bun

# Upgrade
bun upgrade


The following node:http APIs are now supported in Bun:

This enables several npm packages, including stripe, to now work in Bun!

Stripe example code

Thanks @ThatOneBro for landing this feature!

Fixed duplicate bun install dependencies

We also fixed a bug where bun install would crash if your machine had more than 8 versions of the same dependency installed. We have some plans to make our bun install testing suite more robust to catch errors like this in the future.

Thanks @alexlamsl for debugging this issue and landing a fix.


#1959Add http.request by @ThatOneBro
#1967Fix text encoding for utf8 by @dylan-conway
#b12762aFix occasional stack overflow in console.log with a string
#1970Resolve duplicate npm dependencies correctly by @alexlamsl
#1964Add filePath property on MatchedRoute by @gaurishhs