Bun v0.1.5

Jarred Sumner · July 23, 2022

To upgrade:

bun upgrade
If you have any problems upgrading

Run this:

curl https://bun.sh/install | bash

This release is mostly just bug fixes. There is also a Linux arm64 build available (not for Android arm64 yet, but this should work for raspberry pi's)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix require is not defined bug
  • Fix one of the reasons why bun install hangs
  • Fix segfault in console.log (double free) @sno2 in #793
  • Fix exception in "url" polyfill @SheetJSDev in #772
  • Fix(env_loader): Off by one error by @FinnRG in #668
  • Add node:http server polyfill (this is not optimized yet, do not expect good performance from this version) by @evanwashere in #572
  • Fix bun add @scoped/package @alexkuz in #760
  • Fix setting port in bun install with BUN_CONFIG_REGISTRY @SheetJSDev in #823

New features

Two new flags added to bun install:

--no-progress              	Disable the progress bar
--no-verify                	Skip verifying integrity of newly downloaded packages
  • Implement some of the missing stat functions in node:fs @sno2 in #807



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