Bun v0.1.6

Jarred Sumner · August 1, 2022

To upgrade:

bun upgrade
If you have any problems upgrading

Run this:

curl https://bun.sh/install | bash

What's new

  • No more "Illegal Instruction" error on start for those using CPUs which don't support AVX/AVX2 instructions! Thanks to bun's new baseline builds, these are separate builds of bun for Linux x64 and macOS x64 which do not use AVX/AVX2 instructions. You can install with the install script. This was one of the most common issues people ran into.
  • Add util.TextEncoder by @soneymathew in #844
  • fix(ffi): double-free segfault with symbols object by @sno2 in #919
  • -profile builds of bun include debug symbols
  • Update bun-framework-next for Compatibility with Next 12.2+ by @TiKevin83 in #920

Thanks to upgrading WebKit:


New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/oven-sh/bun/compare/bun-v0.1.5...bun-v0.1.6