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Superfast Node.js-compatible package manager. Drop into any JavaScript project with a package.json to instantly speed up your development workflow.





Installing dependencies from cache for a Remix app.
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bun install

Compatibility with Node.js or Bun.

Bun's package manager is intended for use as a standalone tool, regardless of whether you're using the Bun runtime. It'll work in any project with a package.json, and it supports workspaces, git/http/tarball dependencies, custom registries, and more.

Support for workspaces.

Workspaces are supported out of the box. Bun reads the workspaces key from your package.json and installs all of your workspace packages in a single pass.

A global install cache.

When you install a package, Bun downloads it into a global package cache. On all future installs, Bun will check the cache first to avoid unnecessary re-downloading.

Optimized file writes.

When writing files from the cache into node_modules, Bun uses the fastest system calls available on your operating system. This is dramatically faster than naively symlinking from a global cache like pnpm.

A familiar API.

Bun's API will look familiar to any users of npm, pnpm, or yarn. Install all dependencies for a big project. Add or remove a production, dev, or peer dependency. Specify versions, version ranges, or tags.

A binary lockfile.

After installation, Bun creates a binary bun.lockb file. The binary format makes reading and parsing much fast than JSON- or Yaml-based lockfiles. The lockfile stores the resolved versions of each dependency and metadata about the resolved dependency tree, making future installs nearly instantaneous.

Security by default.

Bun doesn't run postinstall scripts willy nilly. A set of popular packages are automatically pre-verified; other packages can be allow-listed using the privilegedDependencies field in your package.json.