Bun provides a fast API for resolving routes against file-system paths. This API is primarily intended for library authors. At the moment only Next.js-style file-system routing is supported, but other styles may be added in the future.


The FileSystemRouter class can resolve routes against a pages directory. (The Next.js 13 app directory is not yet supported.) Consider the following pages directory:

├── index.tsx
├── settings.tsx
├── blog
│   ├── [slug].tsx
│   └── index.tsx
└── [[...catchall]].tsx

The FileSystemRouter can be used to resolve routes against this directory:

const router = new Bun.FileSystemRouter({
  style: "nextjs",
  dir: "./pages",
  origin: "https://mydomain.com",
  assetPrefix: "_next/static/"

// =>
  filePath: "/path/to/pages/index.tsx",
  kind: "exact",
  name: "/",
  pathname: "/",
  src: "https://mydomain.com/_next/static/pages/index.tsx"

Query parameters will be parsed and returned in the query property.


// =>
  filePath: "/Users/colinmcd94/Documents/bun/fun/pages/settings.tsx",
  kind: "dynamic",
  name: "/settings",
  pathname: "/settings?foo=bar",
  src: "https://mydomain.com/_next/static/pages/settings.tsx",
  query: {
    foo: "bar"

The router will automatically parse URL parameters and return them in the params property:


// =>
  filePath: "/Users/colinmcd94/Documents/bun/fun/pages/blog/[slug].tsx",
  kind: "dynamic",
  name: "/blog/[slug]",
  pathname: "/blog/my-cool-post",
  src: "https://mydomain.com/_next/static/pages/blog/[slug].tsx",
  params: {
    slug: "my-cool-post"

The .match() method also accepts Request and Response objects. The url property will be used to resolve the route.

router.match(new Request("https://example.com/blog/my-cool-post"));

The router will read the directory contents on initialization. To re-scan the files, use the .reload() method.



interface Bun {
  class FileSystemRouter {
    constructor(params: {
      dir: string;
      style: "nextjs";
      origin?: string;
      assetPrefix?: string;
      fileExtensions?: string[];

    reload(): void;

    match(path: string | Request | Response): {
      filePath: string;
      kind: "exact" | "catch-all" | "optional-catch-all" | "dynamic";
      name: string;
      pathname: string;
      src: string;
      params?: Record<string, string>;
      query?: Record<string, string>;
    } | null