Use the --filter flag to execute lifecycle scripts in multiple packages at once:

bun --filter <pattern> <script>

Say you have a monorepo with two packages: packages/api and packages/frontend, both with a dev script that will start a local development server. Normally, you would have to open two separate terminal tabs, cd into each package directory, and run bun dev:

cd packages/api
bun dev

# in another terminal
cd packages/frontend
bun dev

Using --filter, you can run the dev script in both packages at once:

bun --filter '*' dev 

Both commands will be run in parallel, and you will see a nice terminal UI showing their respective outputs:

Terminal Output


--filter accepts a pattern to match specific packages, either by name or by path. Patterns have full support for glob syntax.

Package Name --filter <pattern>

Name patterns select packages based on the package name, as specified in package.json. For example, if you have packages pkga, pkgb and other, you can match all packages with *, only pkga and pkgb with pkg*, and a specific package by providing the full name of the package.

Package Path --filter ./<glob>

Path patterns are specified by starting the pattern with ./, and will select all packages in directories that match the pattern. For example, to match all packages in subdirectories of packages, you can use --filter './packages/**'. To match a package located in pkgs/foo, use --filter ./pkgs/foo.


Filters respect your workspace configuration: If you have a package.json file that specifies which packages are part of the workspace, --filter will be restricted to only these packages. Also, in a workspace you can use --filter to run scripts in packages that are located anywhere in the workspace:

# Packages
# src/foo
# src/bar

# in src/bar: runs myscript in src/foo, no need to cd!
bun run --filter foo myscript

Dependency Order

Bun will respect package dependency order when running scripts. Say you have a package foo that depends on another package bar in your workspace, and both packages have a build script. When you run bun --filter '*' build, you will notice that foo will only start running once bar is done.

Cyclic Dependencies