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Convert a Uint8Array to an ArrayBuffer with Bun

A Uint8Array is a typed array class, meaning it is a mechanism for viewing data in an underlying ArrayBuffer. The underlying ArrayBuffer is accessible via the buffer property.

const arr = new Uint8Array(64);
arr.buffer; // => ArrayBuffer(64)

The Uint8Array may be a view over a subset of the data in the underlying ArrayBuffer. In this case, the buffer property will return the entire buffer, and the byteOffset and byteLength properties will indicate the subset.

const arr = new Uint8Array(64, 16, 32);
arr.buffer; // => ArrayBuffer(64)
arr.byteOffset; // => 16
arr.byteLength; // => 32

See Docs > API > Binary Data for complete documentation on manipulating binary data with Bun.