Build an app with SolidStart and Bun

SolidStart currently relies on Node.js APIs that Bun does not yet implement. The guide below uses Bun to initialize a project and install dependencies, but it uses Node.js to run the dev server.

Initialize a SolidStart app with create-solid.

bun create solid my-app
create-solid version 0.2.31

Welcome to the SolidStart setup wizard!

There are definitely bugs and some feature might not work yet.
If you encounter an issue, have a look at
https://github.com/solidjs/solid-start/issues and open a new one,
if it is not already tracked.

✔ Which template do you want to use? › todomvc
✔ Server Side Rendering? … yes
✔ Use TypeScript? … yes
cloned solidjs/solid-start#main to /path/to/my-app/.solid-start
✔ Copied project files

As instructed by the create-solid CLI, let's install our dependencies.

cd my-app
bun install

Then run the development server.

bun run dev
# or, equivalently
bunx solid-start dev

Open localhost:3000. Any changes you make to src/routes/index.tsx will be hot-reloaded automatically.

SolidStart demo app

Refer to the SolidStart website for complete framework documentation.