Build an app with Astro and Bun

Initialize a fresh Astro app with bun create astro. The create-astro package detects when you are using bunx and will automatically install dependencies using bun.

bun create astro
╭─────╮  Houston:
│ ◠ ◡ ◠  We're glad to have you on board.

 astro   v3.1.4 Launch sequence initiated.

   dir   Where should we create your new project?

  tmpl   How would you like to start your new project?
         Use blog template
      ✔  Template copied

  deps   Install dependencies?
      ✔  Dependencies installed

    ts   Do you plan to write TypeScript?

   use   How strict should TypeScript be?
      ✔  TypeScript customized

   git   Initialize a new git repository?
      ✔  Git initialized

  next   Liftoff confirmed. Explore your project!

         Enter your project directory using cd ./fumbling-field
         Run `bun run dev` to start the dev server. CTRL+C to stop.
         Add frameworks like react or tailwind using astro add.

         Stuck? Join us at https://astro.build/chat

╭─────╮  Houston:
│ ◠ ◡ ◠  Good luck out there, astronaut! 🚀

Start the dev server with bunx.

By default, Bun will run the dev server with Node.js. To use the Bun runtime instead, use the --bun flag.

bunx --bun astro dev
  🚀  astro  v3.1.4 started in 200ms

  ┃ Local    http://localhost:4321/
  ┃ Network  use --host to expose

Open http://localhost:4321 with your browser to see the result. Astro will hot-reload your app as you edit your source files.

An Astro v3 starter app running on Bun

Refer to the Astro docs for complete documentation.