Build a frontend using Vite and Bun

While Vite currently works with Bun, it has not been heavily optimized, nor has Vite been adapted to use Bun's bundler, module resolver, or transpiler.

Vite works out of the box with Bun. Get started with one of Vite's templates.

bun create vite my-app
✔ Select a framework: › React
✔ Select a variant: › TypeScript + SWC
Scaffolding project in /path/to/my-app...

Then cd into the project directory and install dependencies.

cd my-app
bun install

Start the development server with the vite CLI using bunx.

The --bun flag tells Bun to run Vite's CLI using bun instead of node; by default Bun respects Vite's #!/usr/bin/env node shebang line.

bunx --bun vite

To simplify this command, update the "dev" script in package.json to the following.

"scripts": {
  "dev": "vite",
  "dev": "bunx --bun vite",
  "build": "vite build",
  "serve": "vite preview"
// ...

Now you can start the development server with bun run dev.

bun run dev

The following command will build your app for production.

bunx --bun vite build

This is a stripped down guide to get you started with Vite + Bun. For more information, see the Vite documentation.