Common HTTP server usage with Bun

This starts an HTTP server listening on port 3000. It demonstrates basic routing with a number of common responses and also handles POST data from standard forms or as JSON.

See Bun.serve for details.

const server = Bun.serve({
  async fetch (req) {
    const path = new URL(req.url).pathname;

    // respond with text/html
    if (path === "/") return new Response("Welcome to Bun!");

    // redirect
    if (path === "/abc") return Response.redirect("/source", 301);

    // send back a file (in this case, *this* file)
    if (path === "/source") return new Response(Bun.file(import.meta.file));

    // respond with JSON
    if (path === "/api") return Response.json({ some: "buns", for: "you" });

    // receive JSON data to a POST request
    if (req.method === "POST" && path === "/api/post") {
      const data = await req.json();
      console.log("Received JSON:", data);
      return Response.json({ success: true, data });

    // receive POST data from a form
    if (req.method === "POST" && path === "/form") {
      const data = await req.formData();
      return new Response("Success");

    // 404s
    return new Response("Page not found", { status: 404 });

console.log(`Listening on ${server.url}`);