Add Sentry to a Bun app

Sentry is a developer-first error tracking and performance monitoring platform. Sentry has a first-class SDK for Bun, @sentry/bun, that instruments your Bun application to automatically collect error and performance data.

Don't already have an account and Sentry project established? Head over to sentry.io, then return to this page.

To start using Sentry with Bun, first install the Sentry Bun SDK.

bun add @sentry/bun

Then, initialize the Sentry SDK with your Sentry DSN in your app's entry file. You can find your DSN in your Sentry project settings.

import * as Sentry from "@sentry/bun";

// Ensure to call this before importing any other modules!
  dsn: "__SENTRY_DSN__",

  // Add Performance Monitoring by setting tracesSampleRate
  // We recommend adjusting this value in production
  tracesSampleRate: 1.0,

You can verify that Sentry is working by capturing a test error:

setTimeout(() => {
  try {
  } catch (e) {
}, 99);

To view and resolve the recorded error, log into sentry.io and open your project. Clicking on the error's title will open a page where you can see detailed information and mark it as resolved.

To learn more about Sentry and using the Sentry Bun SDK, view the Sentry documentation.