Build an HTTP server using StricJS and Bun

StricJS is a Bun framework for building high-performance web applications and APIs.

  • Fast — Stric is one of the fastest Bun frameworks. See benchmark for more details.
  • Minimal — The basic components like @stricjs/router and @stricjs/utils are under 50kB and require no external dependencies.
  • Extensible — Stric includes with a plugin system, dependency injection, and optional optimizations for handling requests.

Use bun init to create an empty project.

mkdir myapp
cd myapp
bun init
bun add @stricjs/router @stricjs/utils

To implement a simple HTTP server with StricJS:

import { Router } from '@stricjs/router';

export default new Router()
  .get('/', () => new Response('Hi'));

To serve static files from /public:

import { dir } from '@stricjs/utils';

export default new Router()
  .get('/', () => new Response('Hi'))
  .get('/*', dir('./public'));

Run the file in watch mode to start the development server.

bun --watch run index.ts

For more info, see Stric's documentation.